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Poll: Vocal Minority of Frequent Flyers Against Congressional Ban on In-Flight Mobile Calling

Earlier this month, Republicans and Democrats in the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure agreed that in-flight mobile calls on domestic flights should be banned. A recent poll of frequent travelers revealed that, while many support legislative action in this matter, one-quarter of respondents believe government action is inappropriate. I say let passengers vote with their wallets and keep the government out of it. The first airliner that allows in-flight mobile calls will find… ( 기타...

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Having passengers "pay extra for a quiet zone" is not the way to go. It should be "pay extra for a cackle zone".
The airline that allows somebody to talk on the phone in the seat next to me on a 6-hour cross-country flight is the airline that I, for one, will definitely NOT fly!
Paul, do you remember the GTE Airphone? Late 1980s through the 1990s more and more airlines were installing airline had them right there in the seatbacks on some of the airplanes. They were never overly disruptive, but this is possibly because they had very high usage fees.

Maybe that needs to happen. Some sort of "carrier surcharge" to make the use of mobile phones outrageously expensive, and that way you won't see the teenage college slacker yakking on for 5 hours continuously, about inane topics.

I find the hand-held videogames that aren't muted, with their high-pitched "beeps" and "boops" more irritating. Noise-cancelling headsets can drown out most Human voices, but not the electronic sounds.
mutual respect, common courtesy, and consideration of others is what's missing this day and age.... noise canceling headsets are not the answer...
I had a bad experience with the GTE airphone on the La Guardia -> DCA shuttle, I think it was the Trump Shuttle but it has been a long time. A guy walked on the plane talking on his cell phone, said, "I'll call you back", hung up, got the GTE phone, and talked all the way to DCA. That is a short flight and it was annoying enough.
Mark Devoe -1
I expect that the first airline to allow in-flight cell phone use will see a drop in revenue as 90% of the respondents agreed with you. I don't see how congress should get involved in this issue. What if an airline decides they want to try a cell phone section in the back of the plane like they used to do for smoking?
btweston 1
I want things to be the way I want them to be! I'm prepared to whine!
90% of respondents disfavored cell phone use, but 'only' 75% felt Congress should be involved. How would a poll come out asking "should Congress get involved in <pick your issue>?"?
How about an FAA guideline indicating that 'forcibly inserting cell phone into an abuser's body cavity shall not be construed as disrupting a flight'?
I don't see the difference between talking on the phone and having a conversation with the person sitting next to you....
It is inherently rude, IMHO, to carry on a conversation with someone who is not present, while ignoring those who are. We are losing our manners, and with them our respect for others.

While it doesn't apply in this case, I feel it's even more rude and discourteous when you do so with a customer. I'm tired of talking to someone at a desk, only to have my conversation interrupted so that they can take a phone call. No, I was there first. Finish with me before moving on to the next customer, be they in person or on the phone.
If I don't want to speak to the person sitting beside you, I simply don't. A loud talker with a cell phone in the next seat would not be welcomed, nor be talking with my participation.
i agree with you. i was on a 3 hour flight once, with 2 late teenage/early 20's girls behind me. from the time they sat down to the time we got off the plane, they literally did not stop talking (loudly and in that annoying screech that so many of them have). after 3 hours and 20 minutes of that, i swear i was near breaking point. recently, i was on another flight when a family was in every seat in the 2 rows behind me and my God, they were noisy. there simply should be a limit on the volume from each passenger and the cabin staff should have the power to enforce it.


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