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In a first, TSA announces 7 Americans removed from no-fly list

For the first time, the government is removing seven Americans from the no-fly list to comport with a federal judge's ruling that the methods to challenge placement on the watch list were "wholly ineffective." Federal authorities notified the American Civil Liberties Union—which is representing 13 people who sued to get off the list—of its decision (PDF) late Friday. The government has until January to deal with the other six plaintiffs the ACLU is handling. ( More...

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preacher1 7
You should be notified of being placed on such a list and a way to get off of it. Just plumb stupid otherwise and a wholesale power grab.
Gene spanos 3
Maybe we can remove some of these drivers off the roadways too...
Pileits 1
You will be assimilated. Borg speak!


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