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Passenger wants $5 million for failed TV/wifi

A New Jersey resident has filed a $5 million class action suit over her inability to receive DirecTV services during overwater segments. She claims that despite having paid $7.99, she was only able to view the service during the first four and last ten minutes of her trip from San Juan, PR to Newark. United says that its on-screen displays disclose these service blackouts. ( 기타...

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this bimbo is crazy, then again, it is america, where the stage has been set to sue anyone for anything, including yourself. i would have no issue with the reimbursement of the 7.99, but 5 mil. perhaps she needs a seat in the wheel well
canuck44 0
Another poster citizen for the need to have "loser pay" in this type of tort, but structured so that if she doesn't pay the lawyer must.
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Woman Whose DirecTV Faltered During Flight Sues for $5M

On Feb. 21, Cary David paid $7.99, settled back into her seat on a four-hour United Airlines flight from Puerto Rico to Newark, NJ, and got ready to watch some DirecTV programming to pass the time. Except that DirecTV and WiFi services don't work outside the continental US or when the plane is flying above water—a fact the airline neglected to tell her, David alleges in a $5 million federal class-action lawsuit she filed against United, the Record reports.


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