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Delta 747 flight 157 Detroit to Seoul Damaged by Hail

Pictures of a Delta 747 N664US Flight 157 Detroit-Seoul damaged by hail. It was reported that Chinese controls would not allow deviation to avoid thunderstorm. Turbulence resulted in bags thrown around cabin. ( 기타...

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If I were DAL, I'd be pissed after not being allowed to deviate and taking that kind of damage. That said, that part about Chinese controls is sort of puzzling.
linbb 1
Question to you as know what you did for a living, couldn't the pilot do anything about his course? Such as a 180 say? Am a pilot but never have been in that situation so need your input on this. Thanks.
Well, I guess he could have, but I don't think we have the whole story here. Obviously he went into wx and had a plane tore up. That Chinese control part kinda perks my curiosity, seeing as how they were going to Seoul. I don't know if they have changed ATC around or not, but not that far back, inbound into Seoul was Taegu Center, about mid country ROK and handled all traffic in that part of the world.
You mean flight 159 not 157.
Pilot in Command authority. Declare an emergency and deviate as necessary. Hard to believe a 747 driver didn't have the wherewithal to take control of the situation.
Kinda what I'm thinkin'. I don't think we have the whole story here.
jwmson 1
If you enter the registration number for this 747, the flight number from Detroit to Inchon (Seoul's international airport) is 159, not 157.
jwmson 1
The route shown on flight aware goes over the pole and comes through Russian and China WEST of the Korean Peninsula and turns left to Seoul once it is clear of North Korea.
Well, I guess that explains how Chinese ATC got in there. Tks
You guys remember when they (either Russia or China, I forget) shot down a 747 years ago? You probably don't have a lot of leeway, plus he was past his point of no return.
That was Russia that shot down KAL007


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