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[Video] Hauling an F-15 Through Panama City, FL

A retired F-15C Eagle fighter jet transported from Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida to Haney Technical Center in Panama City, Florida. The jet was awarded to Haney Technical Center through the Federal Property Assistance Program. The F-15C served as a Ground Instructional Training Aircraft (GITA) while at Tyndall AFB. It will now be used to train future aircraft mechanics at Haney Technical Center's Aviation Academy. ( More...

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Don Fyfe 2
Well done ,Takes a good truck driver to move it.
Colin Fisher 2
At 1:30 I thought I saw someone riding in the cockpit, but it was just the tall seat.
blackbird916 0
Cool video. But I had to laugh at the mattresses and tires on the truck bed holding everything up. Somewhat undignified for such an icon of flight.
djames225 3
She was having a nice, well deserved, sleep.


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