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Nukey McMeltface and Other Would-Be Bomber Names

When U.S. Air Force Secretary Deborah James announced an internal naming competition for the Northrop Grumman B-21 in February, she may have underestimated the creativity of airmen and the pitfalls of public polling. Nukey McMeltface and Trump Bomber were among more than 2,100 submissions to a list that was released by the air branch on Sept. 22 after a number of freedom of information requests were filed seeking the document. ( 기타...

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That's what happens when you allow every stoner sitting in their underwear in front of a computer to name a high dollar, tax funded, death machine...

Besides, not original. The comedian in Britain did it first.
how 'bout "breakthebankbomber" seems like all these projects cost twice as much as estimates as Air Force keeps making change after change after change.....and takes 10+ years to complete giving enemies chance to get ready for it... not anti-defense but...where's Kelly Johnson when we need him?
Didn't Stephen Colbert get his "nation of followers" to try and name the ISS (or at least one of the modules) "Colbert". If I remember, he was #1 and like 10x more votes than the #2 name. NASA didn't do it, but ended up naming the execrcise machine C.O.L.B.E.R.T. or something?

the power of open voting. When Reddit/4Chan finds a project to get behind...

"Freedom Freighter" For when your precision guided Freedom Units absolutely, positively have to be delivered overnight.
Can I suggest the following:

The Dump Truck
ICU (as in - I See You, then you'll be in ICU)
Big BoomBox


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