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LAM #TM136 Boeing 737-700 collided with a drone on approach to Tete, Mozambique

A drone crashed into LAM - Linhas Aéreas de Moçambique flight #TM136 Boeing 737-700 (reg. C9-BAQ) from Maputo on approach to Tete (TCV) Thursday, January 5. ( 기타...

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That was no small DJI unit by the looks of the damage
Okay, they obviously hit something, but I don't see how they know it was a drone. The articles only say that the crew heard a bang and thought it was a bird strike. It doesn't say that they saw it, just heard it. Then it goes on to say that after landing "it was discovered" to have been a drone, but doesn't say how. Did they find pieces embedded? I wish the articles had gone into more detail about this.
Drone or no drone !
Time to act wise and start taking precautionary steps before some kind of catastrophe strikes!
linbb -9
You are an hour late in reposting it.
Aircraft19 -1


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