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Air New Zealand says goodbye to the Dreamliner of its time

Air New Zealand's last Boeing 767 takes flight today, ending 32 years of service for the plane described as the Dreamliner of its time. Millions of passengers have flown on 767s which opened up the Pacific Rim for the airline. Air New Zealand has carried a Pope, America's Cup winners and the Rolling Stones in the plane. At least three wedding proposals were made on board. First flown commercially by Delta in 1982, the wide-body plane was smaller than a 747 jumbo but had features that… ( 기타...

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Other VIP people included were the King of Pop Michael Jackson, Prince, Ronald Regan who chartered the air new zealand 767 from KJFK KMIA 1986 as TE001 The 767's of air new zealand's were featured in the LORD OF THE RINGS films where ZK-NCG was painted up for the promo. These aircraft were not around when Air NZ had DC10 aircraft they were gone by 1982


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