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Fake paperwork, poor parts challenge China's aerospace boom

Chinese suppliers to U.S. flight control systems maker Moog sold it poorly made parts, faked paperwork and outsourced work to a factory not approved by the company, according to an internal report by U.S. aviation regulators. ( 기타...

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No surprise.. there is for Fake stuff than the real stuff on the market now days... Once reason we are a disposable society... We replace vs fix stuff more and more.
Why is this not surprising?
If you want fake parts that meet no known specifications, that have zero QA, then China is a great place to buy.
I once worked for a company that had QA labs in the US. ALL of the parts made by suppliers foreign (mostly China) and domestic were quality checked at our facility. The company decided to let the suppliers do their own quality checking at their facilities.

To make a long story short, The unlimited warranty of 5 years on their products has now gone to a 2 year limited warranty.
Hmm... Wonder why.. NOT!!! - You Buy Junk, You Get Junk!
I wonder if this Chinese company makes drywall.
how about the fake steel from Japan
Hmmmmm now where have I heard that before???
Stop buying Chinese crap! If we want to make China wake up and be a responsible trading partner all we have to do is stop buying Chinese TOYS. Toy exports are a huge part of their economy. Don't buy them...they'll wake up but fast. Remember don't buy toys...adults do! Purchase toys made in some other country. Your kids will be just as happy and China wont be.
The PC you typed this on is probably made in China as is your cellphone. Better not be buying a Icon A5 either. Yes you are right but the marketing machine keeps the must have society going. That's why many of us are into Warbirds.
We “True Americans” are Screwed !!!😡
The only product I ever bought that was made in China and did't suck was a vacuum cleaner.
Why the hell are we using Chinese and other foreign countries for parts ?????
Buy AMERICAN, and put America first !!!! It’s all about the dollar...isn’t it??
The airlines just don't pinch penny's.... they pinch fractions of pennies!
The company worked for sweated 0.01 to 0.001 cents per item. If you look at the volumes of screws they used (10 screws per production run, 50 to 100 million units per production life, it really adds up. BTW, the product is hard drives.
Not surprising.... I have always heard it said... "Watch your pennies and your Dollars will take care of themselves"... there is a lot of truth to that.
In the long run, they'll pay dearly for it. One of these days they'll end up sourcing it from us--then it'll be too late.
the Dumbest comments I have seen here in a while....ya that's it keep blaming China for inferior products meanwhile 80% of everything you own in your HOUSE indirectly is somehow made in CHINA. Remember this people the day you are able to afford to pay your people to have the majority of goods MADE in the USA is over.

If an iPhone was made in the USA your middle class would not be able to afford the cost to buy one or the cost of getting all the raw materials to build an iPhone. This is just one of many examples. All the high end electronics and material goods go through extensive quality control in China from the country representative who chooses to produce their products in that country. THAT IS A FACT or else they wouldn't build them there just on cheap labor alone because no one will EVER buy there products period. BUT yet people around the world still purchase products made in china, why is that? Boycott there products all you want but the fact remains no one can compete with the massive labor force China possesses.

TRUE they make cheap stuff in china for the common people who cannot afford the real deal but not all are CHEAP. That is why you as a consumer has to be responsible to make an educated purchase decision not based on stupid rumors spread by corporate rivalries.

BUT hey the materialistic world is all about obsolescence and you are all powerless to the big corporations that control your every purchasing move and if you haven't figured that one out yet GOOD LUCK TO YOU suckaaaaaa!!!


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