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Aircalin And SWISS Choose The PW1100G to Power Their Airbus A320neo

Singapore - Air Caledonia International (Aircalin) and Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS) have chosen the PW1100G Geared Turbofan (GTF) engine to power their Airbus A320neo, confirmed Pratt & Whitney on the first day of the Singapore Air Show. ( 기타...

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Air Caledonia international - aircalin in short - does not belong to Singapore! Aircalin is the local regional airline of New Caledonia, a French island in the south Pacific, east of Australia. Quite astonished that such a bug got into your publication......

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Just realized my error.....Singapore is the location of the event. Did't see the full stop after Singapore. Sorry.....
Makes sense for Swiss to choose this..already have a good working knowledge of them in their C-Series


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