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Sri Lankan Airlines Adds Air Marshalls To Its Operation

After the horrific Easter Sunday terrorist attacks that took the lives of 253 people in Sri Lanka, the country's national carrier, Sri Lankan Airlines, is taking no chances with safety and implementing the use of elite air force personnel tasked with protecting the public and flight crews against terrorists during flights, at the same time as trying to perform damage control on a blossoming travel industry. ( 기타...

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"...Easter Sunday terrorist attacks that took the lives of 253 people..." ~ "people," huh? Any particular identifying characteristics of those "people" that might explain why it was done on Easter Sunday? Hmmmm?

"...the small island nation best known for its beaches, scenic beauty and historical pilgrimages..." ~ "historical pilgrimages," huh? Any particular "history" that it relates to? Maybe...religious history?

I don't remember such amorphous, euphemistic language being used after the March New Zealand massacre that took the lives of one-fifth the number killed in Sri Lanka.


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