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Simple. Secure. Quick. Mobile QuickClear streamlines the U.S. Customs process.

This application, created in partnership with Airside Mobile for encryption and data management services, simplifies the international clearance process with the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) for pilots. ( More...

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Philip Lanum 1
Ah - Apple only.. So Pilots are part of the Dead Steve Cabal. Sort of funny actually.
Doug Paine 1
I agree the US CBP website is unusually difficult to navigate..gave up on that long ago. The “FlashPass” app has been around for a long time and has been my choice for years. It’s flawless and quick. Jeppesen should take a close look at their cost as well. “FlashPass” is $60 US per year !
marbis59 0
The US custom web site is a pain U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), they kick me off line many time and made me change my pass word 3 time for no reason, after 1.5 hours of trying to get my Eapis, I give up, I used the EASY EAPIS app and within 5 minutes I was cleared.
Mark Weiser 1
OK, But like Joel says, how long before the bureaucrats make a hassle out of it.
joel wiley 2
Lets see how long it takes TSA to find a way to bollix it up
ian mcdonell 8
FOR PILOTS - not the long suffering public
Rhonda Barth 2
I thought the same! Even with Global Entry, CBP is often a cluster.
Jim Myers 4
So far you are the only commenter that actually read and understood the article. Kudos to you!


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