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United is moving its 14 Boeing 737-9 MAX jets to Goodyear, AZ for storage

United Airlines has announced it is moving its 14 Boeing 737-9 MAX 9 aircraft to desert storage in Goodyear, AZ (near Phoenix). The move should be completed by mid September. United previously cancelled all revenue flights of the type in its schedule through November 3. This is likely to be extended as the type remains grounded (except for ferry flights). ( 기타...

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Remember the old catchphrase "I'm not going if it's not a Boeing". Sadly, that is no longer true!
Still is true. I still prefer Boeing over other companies unless they are a last resort.
I'll start flying the MAX again exactly 36 months after they return to service ... if there are no further 'events'. I just have no confidence in Boeing. I know the crap they put out in North Charleston and I wouldn't put my ex-wife on that plane when it returns to service .... well, maybe if she really wanted to go somewhere ... anywhere... OK, I'll buy her a ticket....
I can't wait to fly the MAX again, it's been on the ground too long!
The move should be completed by late September?? RUMORS are saying they may have the plane back in the air in October. Why move them if there going to only be there for a month?? Makes me think Boeing wants all the planes in one place to get them back in the air as soon as possible??
Or....maybe they know something we don't know.
That could be as well yes.
Update. United is Ferrying the planes to Arizona to get them out of the threats of Hurricanes.


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