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Flight Path Changes At Reagan National Airport Under Review

ARLINGTON, VA — The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is seeking the public's input on a temporary change currently in place to how air traffic travels out of Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, according to a press release. The change, called HOLTB, shifts air traffic 784 feet southwest, so that planes departing the airport toward the north will be travel more over the Potomac River and away from protected airspace. ( More...

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Somebody at DC Center is a Capitals fan...
I don't think this change is so much a necessary change due to a lot of air traffic,but more of a political move of some kind..the question is ,why now after all these years?
Robert Cowling -1
Why the changes?

They 'protect' the US Naval Observatory, the residence of the VP, and the mall, and areas north of there. Like K Street, 'Lobbyist Row'. Why now? Why so subtle? Why? It almost doesn't make any sense. Weird... Why not close DCA down, or require all planes to fly south on takeoff, and north to land. That would almost make as much sense. *shrug*

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Robert Cowling -9
Phone sex with Vlad...
dnorthern 4
So, you couldn’t resist showing the world your base immaturity.


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