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Airbus And The Government Of Quebec Opens A220 Assembly Line In Mobile, Alabama May 19

Airbus and the Quebec government announced today the long awaited opening of the A220 assembly line in Mobile, Alabama. ( More...

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Kevin Keswick 4
I don't understand the bit about "The Government of Quebec"? Did the Government of Quebec fund this FAL? This new FAL should have been in Quebec beside the original line. No reason why they have to assemble this aircraft in the U.S. Canadians spend billions on planes made by Boeing in WA and NC. Trade should work both ways.
Peter Fuller 10
The A220 program, formally the Airbus Canada Limited Partnership, is presently owned 75% by Airbus and 25% by the Government of Quebec. So, looking at the ownership shares, if Airbus wants the FAL in Mobile, that’s where it goes: majority rules.

You are right, trade should go both ways, but that’s not what Boeing wanted. By trying to kill the CSeries they pushed it into the Airbus fold, and to get a work-around on any tariffs Airbus opened up this FAL in Mobile.
hf633626 7
They already have one in Quebec, this one is just so they can get around the dumping petition Boeing filled against them.
Rob Winslow -3
Enough is enough. No more bailouts. Let bombardier die already. Let Air Canada stay bankrupt. Move all the factories to the USA, and let Eastern Canada freeze and starve. No more bailouts, down with dictator Trudeau.
ted bekkers -1
Everything is for Quebec in this country and the rest of Canada is getting fed up with there BS


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