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Boeing Reportedly Sells Yacht as Part of Cost-Cutting Campaign

Boeing (NYSE:BA) has reportedly sold a corporate yacht it once used to entertain corporate customers, a fresh sign of the belt tightening going on at the struggling aerospace giant. The Daedalus, a 130-foot yacht usually moored on Seattle's Lake Union, was sold for $13 million to a California developer, according to a report in the Puget Sound Business Journal. In years past, the Daedalus often spent its summers in and around Vancouver Island, used by Boeing sales teams to host airline… ( 기타...

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13 Million will last about 13 seconds, they will rent a replacement and continue this activity no doubt
Wonder if it would have been sold if all the big guys that moved to Killer City still lived in Seattle.
From a friend in London:

"I suppose they gave up trying to persuade the FAA that it was airworthy ..."
Did the yacht have MCAS installed?
Talk about perk of being a Boeing sales person, when they had this yacht....
"Hey, let me sell you an airplane, while we sail around on the yacht."
linbb 1
Well thats part of selling things make the person feel good about there buy. Its been going on for years knew a fellow who would via C185 on floats go out and pick up people take them into an area to either hunt or fish. Seems the boat was not in lake Union at the time more like off the coast of BC or WA state. The aircraft was baised at Renton and owned by a fellow who owned a chain of ski stores.
linbb 1
This was back in the 60s fellows name, dont know exact spelling was Buzz Fiornie.
Entertaining and building relationships is important to long term business transactions. Entertaining allows people to spend time together to build trust. This then builds relationships. Boeing using a yacht to entertain people is a smart business tool. No one who is buying multiple airliners is gonna buy because they went for a ride on a yacht. They will buy based on trust and the relationship based on trust. Which simply means. Saying what your gonna do and doing it.
user3956 2
Agreed, people are overreacting about this company having a yacht and no one would've cared ten years ago, they're only hyper-excited about it now because of the unrelated goings on with Boeing.
darjr26 2
Maybe if you concentrated on making better airplanes you wouldn’t need a yacht to help you sell them. In the meantime get a rowboat.
How many millions did Muillenberg receive? Boeing, Boeing, gone.
What is Boeing going to take the FAA fishing on?
Great Business model BOEING ... blub blub blub ....

$13 million is a 'rounding error' in Boeing's financials. Gotta' sweep the floors before they turn out the lights on everything corporate on the west coast. Not to mention appearances! When you support #me, the devil will collect his dues.

I suspect many of the 'workin' stiffs' never knew they 'owned' a yacht, even though they had some of the best paying workin' stiff jobs in the country.

And for the "this is not the place for politics" crowd, why not, is this not media?
It has certainly morphed since I signed on here, much like the 'election process' and progressive dispute resolution. In Boeing's old neighborhood.
Any company that sells, gives perks to their customers and entice potential customers with Hockey tickets, lavish dinners, weekend trips, holidays abroad, etc., etc., etc. It has become part of doing business.


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