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Airlines ramping up ahead of vaccine shipments

Delivering a single dose of COVID-19 vaccine to the world's 7.8 billion people would fill 8,000 Boeing 747 cargo aircraft, according to the International Air Transport Association. ( 기타...

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I would think
some of the packages could be delivered by ground. FlightAware reports about 100,000 flights per day, so assign a single day for deliveries, and it should be done by lunch.
Great, just none to Atlas Air until the bill is paid !
As Trump said... "America First" Per 2019 Census, that means 328.2 Million Doses is what we need to start!
The way you've acted in the States, you guys shouldn't get it at all.
Mike Bogue -1
First, there was no census in 2019. Second, I think we've pretty much proven that America First (and every other Trump policy) should be left in the cesspool he created.


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