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How I screwed up my landing.

This video captures my really bad habit of holding the yoke with two hands while landing, contrary to what I was taught as a student pilot. I picked up this practice while purchasing the Dakota during my test flight in an attempt to resolve my hard landings with this heavier airplane. This method seemed to have solved my hard landings issue with the Dakota for the year that I’ve owned it. During this flight, however, this method has proven to be BAD. While attempting to transition, I realized… ( 기타...

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Seems that you wanna bee pilots kill a lot of Piper singles trying to land hard without a flare or hold them on the ground causing main gear to come off first resulting in an off road experience. I witnessed two within a month years back at the old Belleview WA airport. Both hit parked AC and stopped before entering the hangar I was working out of. Both of those were piper 140s what a moment in time.
I think you missed the landing issue. I did not land on the nose gear just had a bit of a hard landing nothing major. However, guys like you, i.e, Perfect Wannabe Pilots sure like to shoot from the hip. You may want to consider glasses so you can see clearly the video next time you watch it. But thank you for watching...


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