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United Airlines cancels service to Tallahassee

United Airlines will no longer fly to the capital after Oct. 1, according to a Facebook post by Tallahassee International Airport. In a March 2019 Air Service Update of Tallahassee's airport, Houston ranked No. 15 out of the airport's top 25 markets. The air travel snapshot showed an average of 13 passengers each way each day between Houston and Tallahassee with an average fare of $244, which does not include passengers connecting to other markets at the IAH airport. ( 기타...

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With this service termination to TLH, UA might want to restore twice daily service AVL-IAH. This service has been long gone after the pissing match years ago between UA & WN when WN won international rights at HOU. UA was protecting its international rights out of IAH at the expense of loyal UA customers.


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