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ALPA Urges Extra Flight Deck Security

The Air Line Pilots Association is pressing the Department of Transportation to get going on requiring “secondary barrier” protection for airliner flight decks. ALPA is hoping for a new rule to be announced by the 20th anniversary of 9/11 terrorist attacks in a few weeks. As part of the 2016 FAA reauthorization, Congress told the agency to make the second layer of defense mandatory on all new aircraft. Some new models of Airbus and Boeing aircraft come with the secondary barriers and there are… ( 기타...

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The comments on that link are interesting. Most of the secondary barriers are temporary while the pilots are out of the cockpit. I saw one on an A330 the other day and it saved a lot of time over positioning the cart. It went into place just while they pilots were using the lav and then put away when they were done.
Greg S 1
There are risks and benefits from making the cabin impregnable and, as is so often the case, the risks are simply ignored. The impregnable cabin door protects against a 9/11 style attack that would *never* succeed today even if there was no door at all. On the other hand the Germanwings mass-murder suicide might have been stopped had the captain been able to get into the cockpit.


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