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India allows Boeing 737 Max to fly again

NEW DELHI: The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) on Thursday allowed Boeing 737 Max to fly in Indian airspace again, after carrying out the required safety modifications. ( 기타...

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Cleffer 2
Safest plane in the sky. =)
Foreign regulatory wheels move slowly apparently. I've already had several very comfortable and uneventful Southwest flights on the 737 Max as recently as a few weeks ago in the US.
The thing is: They lost trust in FAA.
Before the Max fiasco, they are quite on the same page with FAA / EASA for granting airworthiness certificate.
But now, they know they can't trust FAA (or anybody else) and have to evaluate the plane themselves. Which they should be doing in the first place, just like how FAA / EASA treated Soviet/Russian, Brazilian, and Chinese made planes.
(There is no point delay the planes from flying on political grounds like some media suggested. The only party hurt by that is the airlines in their own country who already have or ordered the grounded planes.)
That said, I doubt completely separate airworthiness certifications would caught MAX's problems... and potentially other regulation bodies will be probably more lax on new planes not associated with 737 MAX


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