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Woman Who Suffered Cardiac Arrest on Airplane Reunited with Doctor Who Restarted Her Heart Mid-Flight

A woman who went into cardiac arrest mid-flight is "thankful" for the doctor who helped save her. Brittany Mateiro, 28, told Today that she "wouldn't be here" without Dr. Kashif Chaudhry, who performed CPR on her after she experienced a medical emergency while flying from New Jersey to Arizona for a bachelorette party earlier this month. ( More...

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Kevin Keswick 2
Only 28 years old? Is it me or are people suddenly getting heart attacks at younger and younger ages? From the picture that I have seen of Brittany she was a very fit 28 year old - not obese so what could be causing all these heart attacks? Anybody have an idea?
ajagostini 14
Cardiologist here. There are many age-independent cardiac rhythm conditions that manifest as "sudden cardiac death," a term used to describe her event. Most are due to genetic defects resulting in abnormalities in how electrolytes are shuttled across the individual heart cell membranes. This causes electrical disturbances that can disrupt the normal synchronized flow of electricity and pump function. This is very different than the "heart disease" most of us are familiar with due to coronary artery plaque and the more commonly described heart attack. The former condition can happen to a clean-living individual in the best of shape.
R Jolly 3
Good to have a cardiologist on an aviation forum.
Larry Toler 2
I was thinking something derogatory too and was going to make light of it. However, she could very well have an existing heart condition, even though she does look healthy. Heart disease indeed does occur regardless of age and it's hard to track down. My dad's side of the family has a history of it. As my doctor told me, I check out fine but there is no way to predict a heart attack. Fine one day and heart attack the next day. It just happens.
The "jab". My 29year old son was told he would lose his job if he didn't take the"vaccination". He immediately developed cardiac and respiratory problems and hasn't been able to work for the last month. Thank you Moderna and Dr. Fauci.
bentwing60 -1
Yes we Do, but it ain't PC!
mbrews 0
In the article - Medical problem occurred " ... while flying from New Jersey to Arizona for a bachelorette party .."

One might inquire whether "party activities" started early in the trip - pre-flight or in-flight.
jlaico1 1
What are the chances that two electrophysiologists are on the aircraft who specialize in cardiac arrythmia? Another article claims that she is now a patient of the other physician Dr Woo who is working to find the cause of her arrythmia
bentwing60 -3
Well, I see no supporting data for your specious claims but to read the article is an exercise in disbelief that the publisher has an editor, nor the author a command of the Kings English!
jlaico1 3
My apologies as your goggle machine must be broken, let me spoon feed you the information as you are accustomed to:
blueashflyer -4
I'd give her chest compressions.
Ken Jackson 0
Which is why you’ll never get the chance to do that for anyone. Enjoy your celibacy.
Mike Williams 0
How about those heart portable shocking machines? My mother used to live in a retired complex that had those machines in the dining room. None on airplanes?
Gi Co 2
The young woman did mention the 3rd doctor, the one who works/lives just 30-mins from her, who was getting the AED machine ready, just in case. So, yes, they do have AED's on airplanes, and all of the crew are trained to use them. Calling on the intercom for medical help onboard, though, is also done at the same time.
(I am an Alaska Airlines employee spouse for 39 years).
Ken Jackson -1
Thankfully, there was an MD with a foreign surname willing to help a distressed passenger. Those dam**d immigrants!


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