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JetBlue Makes Bid To Acquire Spirit Airlines

Just two months after Frontier announced its plan to purchase Spirit Airlines, JetBlue has made an even more generous bid to purchase the ultra-low-cost carrier. This offer has acted as a competitive blow to Frontier Airlines, which was hoping to use consolidation to grow its presence across America. ( More...

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Spirit could use a higher grade airline like JetBlue versus a cheaper, low fare, low grade airline. JetBlue would only lift the quality of Spirit….oh and hopefully add comfort to Spirits planes!
Jet blue used to be my number one choice over the others.Now they change times ,cancel flights rules on carry ons,just like the rest.Still have the Jet Blue card but is it worth it.
Derek Vaughn 1
JetBlue and Spirit - too messy
Ian Campbell 1
Just another nudge from me about the benefits of regional higher-speed rail. Let's eliminate short-haul flights in favor of <= 2 hour 90-110mph rail, city center to airport direct.
sparkie624 3
So now on a rail System that is in Shambles across the US you expect them to put up a Safe High Speed Rail System??? that is something I do not ever see being supported in my lifetime. It works over in Europe, but that is a totally different enviroment1
From the perspective of a passenger who has flown all three airlines, I'd say that any transaction that erases Spirit is a good one. Awful service. Flight attendants who remind me of the teacher from "The Wall": "How can you have your pudding if you don't eat your meat!" They'd charge you for air in the cabin if they could.
sparkie624 2
you mean they Don't " charge you for air in the cabin" ? Surprising!
hwh888 1
After last weeks screwup leaving thousands stranded for days I’ll not be flying with Spirit again.Crew scheduling, technical issues bla, bla, bla. Heard all that before. Maybe say our bad management is the problem. Seems cheap seats and hours to days delays go hand in hand.
John Giambone 7
Spirit and Frontier would be a great combo. Jet Blue should have picked up Virgin America. I suspect JBU may have learned their lesson by letting Virgin slip through their fingers, that, or they are just intentionally trying to drive up the cost to Frontier and their owners. Now the question is what is going to happen with Allegiant. Will they be left at the alter?
Peter Fuller 2
Allegiant is kind of a niche operation: leisure flights between smaller underserved airports and resort/vacation destinations, infrequent less-than-daily services on many of their routes. Other leisure items like rental cars, hotels, tours, etc. are significant parts of their business model and revenue stream. Seems unlikely Allegiant is looking to be acquired or that other airlines would have much to gain by acquiring Allegiant.
Ian Campbell 4
Spirit is east-US focused, and Frontier is west-US focused. Both are clear LCCs. This is the most logical of the merger choices ... but as we know, truth and data are moot to the power of $ and, well, power itself ...
jeff slack 5
Competition is the essence of business.

Look what happens when airlines eat airlines = American = a disaster.

United and Continental merge and what is left?
1 great airline Logo (rapidly going United ugly) and services went and the United name survives to destroy it all; customer service here is only a concept and not reality.
I miss everything that took Continental from worst to First!

Then there is Delta, ugh.

When you get fewer airlines, you get less choice and you get LESS ......... everything.
i wish them the best..i have not flown on either jet blue nor spirit,but i have been on is ok,but i have heard "tales" of poor servic on jet blue and spirit..we shall the airline business its always a guessing game and reputation of past service..
sparkie624 1
When the Government deregulated the airlines, it did much of the same... the Airlines Benefited and the Passengers suffered!
sparkie624 4
That will be an interesting merger!
Chris B 11
All three airlines fly pretty much the same places.....

Eliminating consumer choice is only going to increase already high fares in the US.
James Simms 4
Either way @ Spirit, get those resumes updated & polished. Some will lose their jobs & healthcare.


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