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Hundreds of Flights Delayed from Orlando International Airport Following Fatal Car Crash

Over 120 flights were delayed as of the afternoon of Saturday, July 9, according to Orlando International Airport, following a fatal car accident that morning. ( More...

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Bruce Johnson 3
"There were four occupants of the vehicle, with the two front-seat passengers sustaining minor injuries. Unfortunately, the two rear passengers were taken to hospital and later pronounced dead."

--> Two front seat passengers, but no driver? That might have been the problem.
Bill Rothanburg 1
Didn't this happen at MCO before??
cparks 1
Wow, I finished FlightSafety Orlando that very day and airlined home that evening.
John Mahoney 4
Hi, we're working to fix our website. Server broke down. Should be fixed within the next day or so.
Ken Riehl 1
Another one of those vehicle inexplicably leaves roadway and hits a concrete wall and flips over in a canal stories.
SmittySmithsonite 1
What a nightmare!! Amazing how just one accident, or even someone just getting yanked by the cops, can cause a miles-long traffic jam from people rubbernecking.
strickerje 3
From the picture in the other article, it looked like police and fire crew had most of the road blocked.

Although it's funny you should mention that, since on my way home, traffic suddenly came to a halt on the freeway as everyone was trying to merge left. I assumed it was a crash that had the right lane blocked but it turned out... It was just someone pulled over by police. The law here is to move over OR slow down for stopped emergency vehicles; you don't have to do both...
David Hopkins 2
It wouldn't load for me either. Try this one. Copy and paste it.
Jan Peterman 2
Story wouldn’t load. Tried several times throughout the day.
Eric Hoffman 7
Jose R Gonzalez 2
Thank you Eric!
SmittySmithsonite 1
I second that!
Jose R Gonzalez 3
Cannot read the article. will not load.
Lee Withers 10
Dear whoever, 120 flights canceled is NOT hundreds
Multiple dictionaries define hundreds "Hundreds: a number between 100 and 999, as in referring to an amount of money".
Is that the same terrible book that defines the terms "Man" and "Woman"? Obviously that book can not be trusted.
Lee Withers -7
I would think that hundreds would only appropriate for describing money such as gives, tens, twenties et caters
bdarnell 11
Never let the facts get in the way of a good story. You learn that in journalism school.


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