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Pilot reveals they had to ‘muck in’, cleaning planes and loading bags amid staff shortages

Pilots have been having to clean planes and load luggage as airlines struggle with staff shortages this summer. An unnamed pilot, who is based in Manchester, told iNews that staffing issues started to develop at their airline around the New Year, before “escalating” in the spring. ( More...

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Chris Muncy 1
Non-paywall link please?
Christos Psarras 1
No payment needed, just create an account and you get limited access to some number of articles.
trentenjet -3
The employee shortage at the airlines is from the vaccine permanently grounding pilots and giving other employees bad health to the point where they can’t go to work

mary susan watkins 2
really sir or madam? the staffing shortages at all of the airlines in the u.s.have been caused,not by the vaccine you are speaking of (covid),but by the airlines themselves who OFFERED monetary buyouts and EARLY retirement packages with full benefits..this applied to all areas of the airline workforce, from rampers to agents to flight attendants and yes,pilots..due to covid, all of the airlines had to cut back or cancel flights and the need for lots of workers just wasnt there..they did make the mistake of NOT anticipating the travel market would come back so quickly..there were cutback in international carriers employee groups as well for the same reasons..
Christos Psarras 2
Really? And your source for this is what, Facebook??


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