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Airbus delivers 500th aircraft from the A350 family

TOULOUSE, FRANCE — The European planemaker Airbus delivered the 500th aircraft from the Airbus A350 Family. The plane, which is a -900 variant, will join the long-haul fleet of Spanish carrier Iberia. The IAG subsidiary operator is a major European customer for the type, with 20 A350s on order and 14 in service. ( More...

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Eugene Aaron 4
Boeing has lost its shine.
Roy Corrales 1
Agree.. even if you go to their Boing store, everyone will notice how they also cut $$$ on quality and design of the new products. The new T-shirts and other items such as their Air Brush Hat's are just awful :(
Tony Silverstrå 1
Jon Duncan 0
If it's a Boeing I'm not going is the new saying.


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