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Why Are Plane Tickets So Expensive Nowadays?

Inflation has recently been a challenge, but no sector has seen as much of a jolt as the commercial air travel industry. This article investigates this concerning trend. ( More...

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Peter Fuller 2
This article wails and whines about airfares being “exorbitantly expensive” and “Airlines are Price Gouging” and “When Will Prices Go Back to Normal?”, apparently to an audience who feels its supposed entitlement to cheap air travel has been taken away.

There is no “normal”. Pricing reflects the ever-changing balance or imbalance between supply and demand. When supply is constrained as it is now, prices go up. That’s life, has been since deregulation.
Duane Sanders 1
I like the comment that airlines are price gouging. It's every businesses job to remove as much capital from the market as possible. If you don't like the price drive, take a train or ride the bus. They need to make a lot of money to buy new planes and pay their people FFS.
linbb -4
Why are cars so expensive? Same reason everything costs more to make and instead of old tech on electronic parts and cost they like everything else cost more because people want more out of them. Wow just think how much more you make now than then and figure that into the old prices OK?
Cleffer 2
It's not as simple as an issue of "demand".
jeff slack 3
That is right; the other part of the equation is supply.
Supply is still short.


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