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Ameriflight Metroliner Makes Emergency Landing On Golf Course With Precious Cargo of Dogs

November 15, 2022, Pewaukee, WI - Ameriflight Swearingen SA-227AT with 3 people and 56 dogs on board made an emergency landing on a golf course in Pewaukee, Wisconsin. Only non-life-threatening injuries to crew members and puppy dogs were reported. ( More...

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Bandrunner 5
They had a wuff time, right enough.
bbabis 5
If 300 gallons of fuel was spilled they were landing with plenty of reserves. The metro has had incidences of engine flameout and sometimes dual engine flameouts when accumulated ice build up is suddenly shed from the prop spinners. Very glad all are ok.
tlfys1 6
True, but the captain did a hell of a job with what he had going. I have been in some serious ice with that aircraft before and never had any issues. But I have to agree, given the conditions that was more than likely the reason for this accident.
Airbusbreath 3
Nearly forty years ago a guy at my airline turned on both engine anti-ice at the same time in a Metro 3. What he didn't do was turn on the ignition first. (The ignitors were not rated for continuous operation and the ignition switches were awkwardly placed.)

Instant glider, and a very quick reach for the ignition followed by a quick relight and an eventual audience with the feds.

I spent the rest of my career turning on the AI one switch at a time.
Wm. Mark Meiggs 1
Bill Hayden 2
What a great story! A hand-flown ILS approach with 3/4 SM vis and a 300' ceiling. Lose your engines and keep it flying, break out at 300' and dead-stick it into a 300 yard fairway surrounded by residential homes. Sully Jr. deserves a medal, the cutest puppy/dog and an airline job.
Sorak 1
Where did you get the timeline and fight conditions? LiveATC has carp audio for this airport.
Rick D 3
The cargo was precious but not the crew?

Donald Kozak 3
I guess you didn't bother to read the article.
Sorak 1
oh this is the golf course map.

https :// westernlakes .com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/course-map.jpg

Fox reported impact on the 5th, sliding through the marshy area , crossing 2nd and ending up on the 3rd hole. Updated Google Maps shows you that that lake is much less Lake and more ground. Don't know if this site will allow links so I put a bunch of spaces in places so take those out for it to work.
Peter Ashby 1
Restroom occupied so needed use a tree in a hurry.
TJ Kozma 1
Who's a good boy? Oh there's a good boy! Who wants a belly rub?


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