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No more airplane mode? EU to allow calls on flights

The European Commission ruled airlines can provide 5G technology on board planes, alongside slower mobile data. This could mean flyers will no longer be required to put their phone on airplane mode - though the specifics of how it will be implemented are unclear. The deadline for member states to make the 5G frequency bands available for planes is 30 June 2023. ( More...

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Mike Mohle 15
Bad idea. " Air Rage" incidents will certainly increase with people yapping for hours about nothing while in the air and everyone having to hear it!
John D 5
Agreed. I was on a train in Germany last week and some woman spent the entire trip yapping with all her friends. FML
jbermo 3
Simply acquire a 5g jamming device, Although they are highly illegal, they are about the size of a pack of cigarettes and oh so much fun!
Great for radio altimeters too!
veramoosdijk 2
Agree. I don't like this at all and absolutely don't like the 5G. I'm also not interested in hearing all these phone conversations. What a bad idea :(
avionik99 0
Allowing Alcohol has already done that, nothing else can compete. Airports and aircraft should be Alcohol free zones! Everyone would have a much better experience and disturbance type incidents would all but disappear.
Mike Mohle 1
Agreed. I always wonder what would happen in real time should there be some sort of actual emergency and then trying to get all the drunks off the plane and out of my way in <90 seconds!
oh for the "good old days", when the aircraft seats were equipped with a phone imbedded in the seat back in front of you,that could be used with a credit card,and no one was "lap topping" it or using a tablet or a phone!!!also the "good old days" of headsets you didnt have to "rent"to listen to music quietly, and a large video screen at the bulkhead for those who wished to watch a movie!....guess i am showing my age!!
But a wonderful age it is .
Chris B 4
Live streaming passenger meltdowns etc inevitably will happen.

The air is place to escape persistent cell phone users......
fred dugommier 1
Encore une décision débile de Bruxelles...


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