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Why A JetBlue Airbus A220 Is Named After A Canadian Engineer

JetBlue operates a fleet of nearly 300 aircraft. All of these aircraft have nicknames assigned to them. While some airlines name their aircraft after locations in their home country (SWISS, Lufthansa, Air France) and others after locations around the world (KLM), JetBlue's naming theme is on the more whimsical side. In fact, the overwhelming majority of JetBlue jets are modified names and phrases which include the word 'blue.' There are a few exceptions, including the Airbus A220… ( More...

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Sue Lockwood 9
Congratulations to Rob Dewar on leading a great team to deliver the 220 or C-series. I hope JetBlue incorporates Mirabel as a nickname to honour the birthplace of the aircraft and all the people involved in its’ success.


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