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UPS feeder airline intends to buy 20 pilotless cargo planes

Ameriflight has pre-committed to semi-autonomous cargo planes from a company called Natilus. ( More...

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Owen Grzanich 2
Cool, but what could possibly go wrong?
linbb 0
And notice its intent to buy if it works if not TS they are out of there. All these startups use that trick for more investor money. So if you want to loose mone invest in something like this or the aerocar self flying drone taxi.
patrick baker 1
you must be some kind of automation electronic apologist to begin to suspect this could in some universe, somewhere, be the start of a beginnng of a germ of a good idea. Humans, trained humans must control every aspect of a flight hands on, because even when humans are failable , electonics are unpredictable, therefore untrustworthy.


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