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Lufthansa Grounds All Flights Due to a Computer Glitch in Its System

FRANKFURT, GERMANY — In a statement on Wednesday, a spokesperson for Lufthansa announced that the airline suspended all flights due to technical issues with its computer systems. The company is currently conducting an urgent investigation into the matter. It remains unclear whether Lufthansa planes that were already en route have been directed to land. ( More...

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iknarf 1
It was no cyber attac!
An excavator severed several fiber optic cables in Frankfurt.
Just an accident - with consequences!
mimana 1
How is cyber-security maintained in the biggest airline in Germany?
Brian Freeman 1
Perhaps they should follow Southwest's lead in updating their systems:
Bernd Myler 2
Construction Workers hitting the fiberoptic cable near by which taken out the computer systems
Mark Kortum 0
Blame it on Buttigieg!
Jim Allen 4
Do no airlines believe in Cybersec or even maintaining their systems? I didn’t know that SAS got hit with a cyberattack.


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