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Lufthansa Unveils New Premium Onboard Products

Lufthansa has recently unveiled its new First Class suites as well as modified Business Class seats. Here are the planes that will have these new products. ( More...

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D Chambers 5
Sorry, I didn't encounter a paywall. Anyway, whenever I try to book these wonderful seats like this, I always get the old seats, cuz it takes ~3 years to roll it all out to the entire fleet
Arthur Moore 5
Another airline introducting these horrible, claustrophobic cabins, where you cannot see out. They are fine when you are sleeping, but if you are travelling as a couple in the centre of the aircraft they are horrible during daylight hours
William Ableman 3
So... Here's the thing... I'm not turning off my Adblock just to view this article.
kutsev 1
just use "Reader" mode , it bypasses this warning about disabling the adblocker
Chuck Lavazzi 3
The site isn't behind a paywall but it does require you to turn off you ad blocking software before it will load. I'll pass. The information if probably available at the Lufthansa site anyway.
Michael Hamann 2
Cannot reach website due to an adblocker
21voyageur 4
The link starts off with "Here's the thing, , , ,". Well here IS the thing. FlightAware, please stop the practice of connecting to Paywall sites. Does FlightAware have a financial interest in doing so? A reply from the editorial staff would be appreciated but fully expect "crickets". As per usual.
Ken Thompson 2
I got no paywall.
srobak 2
"flightaware" didn't do that. Ejaaz Cadinouche - a FA user - did< just the same as you could.
coinflyer 4
Paywall. Scam website.
Ken Thompson 1
No pay wall.
Chuck Lavazzi 1
This appears to be what they're talking about:
Scott Sample 1
Can't read it - paywall
Chuck Kay 1
I didn't encounter a paywall.
aurodoc 0
We fly Lufthansa 3-4 times a year from SFO to FRA or MUC. I actually like the old business seats since I like a window and my wife likes the aisle. The newer configurations here and on other carriers eliminates the ability to sit next to each other unless we sit in the center seats. Otherwise I like premium economy if not planning on sleeping as the seats are 2 on the side and are like domestic business seats. I will be interested to see the new premium economy seats.

akebonolove -6
LH service will still be sh*t and that is when they are not on strike!


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