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How Aviation Can Cut Emissions By 2035 Using SAF And Existing Tech

viation needs to address its greenhouse gas emissions problem, yet the conversation and investment around decarbonization too often focuses on the wrong technologies and the wrong date. The industry cannot wait until 2050 to get serious about cutting emissions, which is what will happen if it pins too many of its hopes on hydrogen-propelled and battery-powered aircraft. Neither will be approved for use on medium-haul and long-haul commercial airliners much before 2050 — and that delay matters… ( More...

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jbermo 1
And yet some continue to believe there's room for new commercial, energy-hungry supersonic aircraft to meet the ever-tightening emissions requirements of the future.
linbb 1
So more crop land for fuel which in turn causes problems with land for food production which increases food prices. And how to do it still is in the testing stages for large quantities which seems to be going no where no matter the amount of money spent on saf. Another ho hum thought.


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