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JetBlue pilot who disrupted flight free to go home

AMARILLO, Texas — A JetBlue Airways pilot who disrupted a cross-country flight by leaving the cockpit and yelling about religion and terrorists is free to go home rather than be committed to a mental health facility, a Texas judge ruled Friday. ( 기타...

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My heart goes out to this guy, seems like he just lost his grip.
Nothing but time to think when you're behind the controls. I hope this guy some help.
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Schedule burn-out. To many days, to many legs. Just more then the poor guy could cope with. Sorry it got to him!

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He's done, can't set foot in an airplane again.
You know, I got to apologize to you. I never even thought about asking you how ya'll made out with that storm up there until right now. I have seen some posts/comments from you since then and I didn't even think about it. All OK?
Oh yeah, it's good. I can't explain it, but there's a band of about 2 miles on either side of me that misses all the heavy stuff, rain, snow, etc.. There's no landmass difference, it's weird, but I'm thankful. My development is the only part of the township that didn't lose power, underground utilities. Also no flooding because the builder went bankrupt and didn't finish levelling the road, so everything drains out of the deelopment onto the county road. Thanks for asking... By the way, I was in TX,CA,OR,KS,and OK when this was happening, my son was home with the dogs. Payback for him!!!
Well, at least you had it halfway decent. I imagine the boy had some anxious monents though.
He was probably on the flight sim the entire time, while the dawgs were hungry. He's getting more expensive working on his instrument...
lol. Daddy's are rough teachers too.
He didn't want me teaching him, he gets free instruction, I got his CFI a job flying Lears...
That ain't a bad deal. Outa here awhile. Got company.
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Judge said he couldn't even board an airplane without the court's approval. Pretty sure the FFA will never let him hold a medical again either.
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There are things that will not allow one to pilot an airplane medicaly and this is one of them Just wish that he didnt go to jail for it as what happened was beyond his abity to control. Happens every day to others and they dont go to jail sometimes even if they kill someone.
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Unfortuanately his defense strategy mandated some form of incarceration. The not guilty-by reason of insanity meant he had to be detained until doctors could prove his mental defect. It happens with every crime. You dont get to walk out of jail on bail if you say you are insane. An insanity plea is basically a guilty plea with excuse.

Had he plead not guilty, then he would have faced a trial with the potential for a guilty verdict. At least the insanity plea allowed the judge to release him with conditions if he showed improvement.
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Texas Judge Orders JetBlue Pilot Clayton Osbon Free

U.S. District Court Judy Mary Lou Robinson has said Clayton Osbon will be set free instead of sending him to a mental facility.

Clayton Osbon was piloting a JetBlue fight from New York to Las Vegas in March when he began shouting about Jesus and terrorists and ran up and down the aisle of the plane while it was in flight....
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Pilot who had in-flight meltdown to be released

(CNN) -- The JetBlue pilot who was locked out of his cockpit and tackled by passengers after an apparent in-flight meltdown seven months ago will be freed.


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