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American Airlines Employee Was Put On No Fly List

Luis Montano says he was he was told that he was put on the no fly list. He spent weeks struggling to pay his bills and was told by American he could lose his job for good. Five days after NBC 6 contacted the government, Homeland Security sent a letter saying he's no longer a potential terrorist . They gave no answers in their letter. They just said they could neither confirm nor deny any information about him. ( 기타...

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You tax $ at work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
George Orwell couldn't have more spot on. "Ministry of Truth", "Homeland Security"..... Ahhh, me shakes me head and wonders...
that is why no matter how harmless you may think your post or email are it is critical to always think twice before sending it or posting it....everything we do is being watched even when we think they are not....sad but true.....welcome to the United Policed States of America
You're on the scope now
I've been on the
At least we realize there IS a scope. lmao


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