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Altitude For Airliner Autopilot Use

Rules Have Not Been Updated Since 1964 The FAA proposes to amend and "harmonize" minimum altitudes for use of autopilots for transport category airplanes. The proposed rule would enable the operational use of advanced autopilot and navigation systems by incorporating the capabilities of new and future autopilots, flight guidance systems, and Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) guidance systems while protecting the continued use of legacy systems at current autopilot minimum use… ( 기타...

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onjuku20 2
About time! Maybe they can do something with the obsolete "Nav Lights".
glang3 2
I agree that there should be some updating. Maybe even more hand flying when deemed prudent. However, one size does NOT fit all! Just remember all those smaller, single-pilot operations out there whose pilots depend on a good autopilot to reduce their workload, especially in high-density areas. I have certainly seen over the years that stick-and-rudder skills have decreased. Though this, I believe, goes back to primary training. So, anyway, when making sweeping statements, please remember we must be considerate to everyone in the community.
Bring back the good old stick and rudder...
I agree... I think pilots should be required to hand fly a certain amount of flying and should also have to manually fly VOR-VOR Navigation. I had a high time pilot to give me the following discrepancy... "At station crossing both NAV 1 and NAV 2 needles go hard to the right, then hard to the left and then back to center"... Hello people.. What happened to basic navigation skills. Now I have a plane at an out station, the pilot did not stay with the plane. The FMS is on MEL, 2 INOP Navs due to an IDIOT, and no qualified mechanic to sign it off. Had to road trip a crew in with a test box, op ck the system, and get the plane moving.... Maybe they need more basic recurrent training in navigation in the simulator.
What type of aircraft was it?
Hi Sparkie,
Just curious.....are you a pilot or maybe involved with maintenance with the operator? I'm not being critical,
Just trying to figure your background.
I am an a/c mechanic for almost 20 years. Currently working Maintenance Control for a Regional Airline. I also have some piloting back ground, but only for pleasure. Most of my experience is Avionics working under part 121 for most of my aircraft history.
Atta-boy Sparkie,
My background is in Aviation as well. As a career Pliot, I understand your plight. During initial training with the Airlines and/ or Type training on various Aircraft, some but not all give initial on the avionics, and then it is up to the crew member to further their knowledge of the systems. It also depends largely on the training facility to have the proper instructors that know the systems in and out. I have seen both sides. In the end it comes down to the crew to have the knowledge and foresight to work with the rest of the "team" and not just lay the ball on the ground.. :)

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Thanks the subject...wasn't it?


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