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Villa Air Introduces The ATR 72-600 In The Maldives

Maldivian carrier Villa Air, commercially known as FlyMe, is about to become the very first operator of an ATR -600 series aircraft in the archipelago. The airline will start operating an ATR 72-600 which has been delivered to the US-based lessor GECAS (GE Capital Aviation Services Limited), the commercial aircraft leasing and financing company of GE, who is leasing the aircraft to Villa Air. The aircraft, after arriving in the Maldives, will perform its inaugural flight between Malé and… ( 기타...

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Long Live the Low-Rider
Wonder why they decided on the ATRs vs. the Bombardier aircraft (i.e. the Q-400)? Just curious.
Commonality I guess as they already had a couple.
I don't know about the the commonality aspect, suspect you have a better handle on that than I, but if that were not the case, my bet would be on cost delta. Bombardier is not exactly known as the low cost airframer.
I'm just guessing. They had 2 other ATR's according to the story but cost could be a big player too. Who knows
Acquisition Costs?
Just my guess.
Not just a guess anymore, Wiki says Q400=27 mln. and ATR72=22.1 mln.
correct again lol!
AccessAir -1
French-Italian Death Machine...
Well, I wasn't gonna say anything as I hadn't flown any of the newer ones, but if they haven't made any vast improvements, they are worthless. Just ask AA


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