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Seaborne Airlines links with American in the Caribbean

Seaborne Airlines, a local carrier using predominantly Twin Otters on service between the Virgin Islands and San Juan, has begun an interline arrangement with American Airlines, effectively taking over American Eagle connectivity with the Virgin Islands. Seaborne have also announced a fleet expansion with the addition of 34 passenger SAAB 340 turbo prop units (interesting as the area code is also 340 in the Virgin Islands) Seaborne continues to operate float plane service between St. Croix and… ( 기타...

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Since Eagle got rid of their 340's, they've been sitting at KABI. I'm curious to know if AMR sold off those Saabs to Seaborne.
Josh, they have been at ABI long enough to have weathered at least three major hailstorms! LOL!
If seaborne has taken over the Islands for Eagle, I wonder if they will buy out the US also???


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