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Airline operators to face route planning restrictions due to ETOPS downgrade for the 787-9

New York - Rolls-Royce increases the inspection frequency of Trent 1000 "Package C" engines to a monthly interval due to the recent problems reported by the clients. Operators also need to be prepared for route planning restrictions. ( 기타...

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What is with the failures of material suppliers not shipping what is ordered?

Are they not inspecting it?

What is with the fabricators not inspecting incoming material, and not inspecting finished goods?

The reputation of aviation safety depends on the current group of manufacturers doing the right thing, and dismiss the MBA's that are a pit in the path of progress.
chalet 1
RR engines for the 787 family defifnitely need something far more than just a cursory inspection for the troubles are worrisome and numerous.
SoNic67 1
Manufactures will lie to sell their goods. Some more, some little, eventually some get the lies discovered.
Sometimes you get a small slap (ETOPS downgrade) sometimes a bigger one (see WV buy back of millions of 4 cylinder diesel-powered cars in USA).
SoNic67 2
Also, when I have the option, I always choose to fly the good ol' 747 in transatlantic flights (I do fly a lot of those, for work and personal).
I don't trust ETOPS based on "engine reliability numbers", I trust the ones based on sheer redundancy (number of engines).
Pax reporting SWA pilot said the engine explosion caused a loss of hydraulics to the flight controls.
Misleading headline.

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This time the reason is given in the first sentence. Not soon enough?
Trent 1000 C engines is the Boeing's choice for 787-9s. Every 1 of 4 Dreamliner flies with faulty Trent 1000s. I don't see s.thing wrong with the headline.
Try using that search button buddy. I posted this yesterday
MH370 -7
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FAA AD may severely limit ETOPS of some Boeing 787s: sources

An airworthiness directive from the US Federal Aviation Administration is expected as early as Tuesday that could severely restrict flight operations some of Rolls-Royce-powered Boeing 787s.
linbb -3
Sure glad it didn't affect any of those Airbust AC


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