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Medevac Helicopter Flights Could Be Grounded by New 5G Rollout

The FAA has restricted helicopter operations in regions where "hundreds" of hospitals are located until radar altimeter makers can show their devices withstand 5G interference. The limits are among nearly 1,500 new rules imposed on flight operations relying on radar altimeters. One air ambulance operator in the Northeast says: “If we are going to a 5G interference area, we’re going to be going back to the 1990s where we went in with eyeballs and a search light.” ( 기타...

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Medevac Helicopters are going to have to land afield in 5G areas. Someone, somewhere has actual test results of altimeters and C-band 5G transmitters - why are they treating this like black magic?
avionik99 -2
This fearmongering over 5G is getting out of control! Treating 5G like Covid is ridiculous!


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