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A Nervous Flyer's Guide to Airplane Noises

An airplane is the result of very complex engineering and requires several systems to work in harmony with each other, just like the human body. So naturally, airplanes can make a wide variety of noises. Unfortunately, many travelers are not accustomed to these noises, and therefore quite a few of them can sound unsettling or even ominous. Unfamiliar aircraft sounds tend to be one of the most common reasons to cause nervousness onboard, so here is a breakdown of a few of the most common ones you… ( 기타...

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Some other forgotten noises are the landing gear being deployed before landing, especially when it locks., and there is a silent and uncomfortable moment in summer, when the Ground energy is disconnected , the apu is on but the air conditioning is turned off to generate extra power for starting the engines.
Steve Stein 3
When you hear a pop, see the FA serving drinks wince, and the o2 masks drop, you may have a problem.
When my son was about 8 years old, he was flying with his mother on a Nord Prop Jet. There was a woman behind them that was making panicky comments to the woman with her every time the plane made a noise or bumped a bit on a slightly choppy flight. When the landing gear came down, which was loud as they were sitting under the wing, my son said to his mother, "Wasn't that the sound that Dad said a plane made just before the wing came off?" This provoked the expected freakout behind him. P.S. the wing didn't come off.
bdarnell 2
Mentour Pilot (Petter Hornfeldt) did a similar YouTube video sometime back, I believe.
Yes, but his did not include the 3,000 ads in the sidebar and at the bottom!
bdarnell 2
Probably because his channel is already monetized. And he has Patreon subscribers.
christyzach 1
Can you post the link? I couldn't find it on the channel.
Forgot the passenger sitting next to you farting like a hippo.
That be me !!
Daniel Hagan 1
I always figure I’m probably going to die right here today….. then when I arrive at my destination alive I think…Thank God…that was pretty cool!
They forgot to mention Madge and Eunice sitting behind you, screaming back and forth (while wearing masks, of course) detailing all topics about each of their lives, latest surgeries, and EVERY of each grandkids awards! Then at the end (between them) "nice to have met you". Why can't they just watch their phones like everyone else and let me sleep?
DanWardlaw 1
I can fall asleep to the noises on a plane.i remember one flight, the wifehad seen the chiropractor just before the flight. He told her, once in the air get up & streach... I seen two rows around us freak out at the pops coming from her. Was just hilarious!!!
What about screaming pilots wearing parachute trying to open the door?
bdarnell 2
Can’t say as I’ve ever experienced that, but maybe you have ?
What do all the bells pinging mean to the crew? 2 pings means this, one ping means that?
Mike Mohle 3
2 for cabin crew to answer promptly. One is [ascending] reaching 10,000', descending, trays and seats up, trash in the bags, weez ready for landing.


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