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Airbus strikes remaining A350 jets from deal with Qatar Airways

Airbus has revoked its entire outstanding order from Qatar Airways for A350 jets, severing all new jetliner business with the Gulf carrier in a dramatic new twist to a dispute clouding World Cup preparations, two industry sources said. No comment was immediately available from Airbus or Qatar Airways. The two aviation titans have been waging a rare public battle for months over the scarred condition of more than 20 long-haul jets that the airline says could pose a risk to passengers and which… ( 기타...

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Airbus could have solved the problem from the start. They shoulda hired Maaco.
Airbus should have been far more proactive in fixing this problem. The fact that they were so unapologetic and not forthcoming in fixing this makes them the real bad guys! If you bought a brand new Beamer and the paint peeled off the hood you would not have accepted this idiotic response from BMW as Airbus wants Qatar to accept.
Bad paint job? GM customers would not put up with that. In this case manufacturer just doesn't make them anymore?
Who can explain to the rest of us the true cause and condition of the A350 acne on Qatar jets? How can they be treated, and what will they look like if not repaired? When do these pitiful aircraft become legally unairworth ?
Greg S 6
From what I've read, it doesn't appear to be a safety issue. It's paint, not structural. Composite components are lighter and stronger than aluminum but they don't conduct electricity as well (or at all), so for lightning safety there is a wire mesh overlaid on top of the composite structure that will conduct and dissipate the charge of a lightning strike. Evidently getting paint to adhere to this wire mesh + composite structure is a bit of a challenge. Boeing has also had this problem with the 787 but they've evidently found a fix and I suppose at this point so has Airbus. This is business and Airbus' tactics with Qatar Airways are best viewed as a form of business negotiation. QA has hit Airbus hard with very public allegations that are best kept private, and even hints of safety concerns with the paint issue. So Airbus is hitting back hard. In the end they'll reach some kind of agreement.
Greg, I believe the main issue is corrosion. The paint protects the aircraft outer skin and other components. Paint should not peel off brand new airplanes that are just a few months old.
Exposed skin needs to addressed immediately as premature corrosion can become a safety issue if not addressed in a timely manner. Also the corrosion inspection timing is already set by Airbus and this is happening prematurely before the inspection is due.
I would think that exposed wire mesh at 600 mph is not a good thing.
The real issue in my opinion is Airbus was was not forth coming when the paint adherence issued was first discovered during routine re-pint job. Airbus tried to spin it off as purely cosmetic which it isn't. made by
Shenghao Han 1
Airbus behaving like certain a Tech company also with name started with "A"... Remember "you are holding the phone wrong"?
This kind of anti-consumer behavior is quite dangerous for consumers, especially in monopoly or duopoly markets.


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