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Jet grounded after pilot discards phone

Edinburgh: A British Airways captain has been questioned by police after allegedly throwing a mobile phone from his cockpit window moments before take-off. ( More...

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Daniel Baker 0
The cost of taxiing a plane to the gate and back certainly exceeds the value of any phone, not to mention a 15 minute delay resulting in 45 man-hours wasted (totaling the passengers).
Dylan Lundberg 0
that's pretty funny... That pilot read my mind, hey, maybe some passenger refused to turn off his cellular device for the flight, (which they are required to do) I would have done the same thing if that was the case
dmanuel 0
Back in the day, when I was a controller (and the world was not scared of its shadow), every so often we’d get a call from security that a departing passenger still had the family car keys. We’d relay the info to Delta and the pilot would toss them out by the nearest taxiway sign. Airport maintenance or crash crew would retireve them, to the relief of the stuck family members. Ah, it makes one long for the good old days of civility, logic and humanity.
Daniel Baker 0
Very interesting, dmanuel, and it makes sense.
Victor Engel 0
Abandon common sense, anyone who wishes to travel to the future!
dmanuel very interesting indeed but like most things with mass population growth comes the deterioration in quality of service.
Cheers to the chap in charge of the flight :)


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