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South Korea demands Tokyo withdraw ban on its airline

Seoul (CNN) -- South Korea demanded Tokyo withdraw a ban that asks Japanese diplomats to refrain from flying with Korean Air to protest a test flight above islets in the sea east of Korea that Japan claims is its territory. "The government is taking this seriously, as the Japanese government in effect is placing sanctions on one of our private companies," the South Korean foreign ministry spokesman said in a briefing Thursday. The islets in the sea east of Korea, known as Dokdo in… ( 기타...

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suz 0
The U.S. should demand that both South Korea and Japan open their automotive markets for U.S. Brands, just sayin'...
chalet 0
Have you checked out the reliability/safety/public acceptance reports for the past 5 years for each one of the Japanese and Korean car makers and confronted that with the same data on the Fords, GMs, and what is left of Chrysler. That should tell you why Japanese and Korean consumers would never buy anything from Detroit so drop that absurd and worn out cry that they should "open" their markets for American cars.


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