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Concorde to Fly Again?

Efforts to revive the Concorde. The photo is really cool too. ( 기타...

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What a great project.
Seems ambitious to me. I'm all for it. But I got to say....It'll never be flown commercially again. In the economic climate of this world right now, there's no way they would be able to talk any airline into taking that thing, much less purchasing it. As long as humankind is enslaved to what's in their wallets, I think we've reached the pinnacle of aviation already.
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I'd love to see & hear Concorde flying again. Back in the '80s I worked just beyond the end of the runway at Manchester (UK) and we hardly noticed the ordinary flights. However all of us took time out when Concorde came past (and the Super Guppy, but that's another story).

The Olympus engines sounded superb on the Vulcan at Southport airshow this year, now it's time to get them fired up on Concorde as well.
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Interestingly enough there probably is a commercial market for supersonic passenger service but unlikely using the Concorde model. There has been considerable improvement in engine technology and lightweight materials able to withstand the conditions of supersonic flight. One of the problems with Concorde was high fuel consumption and limited range (often had to land in Halifax for fuel when transiting Atlantic from London to New York with either headwinds or congestion/weather at JFK).

The market is likely to be in the size of some of the mid-size corporate aircraft such as the Bombardier Global Express with a passenger load of up to 20. It would need to have trans Pacific polar range, would not need a lot of extras like an APU but capable of point to point service. We are also likely to see a swing wing or delta configuration.

Practically the big problem is going to be development cost, not production or operating. It would be nice if a military somewhere wanted something in the same range, have the government pick up the tab for that and then use that prototype for commercial use.
One day, they may get her in the skies again. However, they will have some very serious problems keeping her in the air. Airbus stopped supporting the Concorde back in October 2003. No airline in the world will be able to operate Concorde without the support of Airbus, this according to Airbus's CEO (1998-2005) Noel Forgeard. Airbus specifies the maintenance regime and supplies the spare parts to keep it flying. Again, Airbus has no obligation - and have made it clear that they WILL NOT support Concorde beyond October 2003 - to maintain the Concorde if another airline were to purchase it. Not even the Anglo-French agreement makes Airbus obligated to do so.
what would be nice is to see the concorde AND the vulcan flying again. i got to see the vulcan while at the air show in des moines 12 years ago and was impressed with it
now i would like to see both do a fflyover from northeast to southwest over des moines and let the public take a tour of both
I really hope she graces the sky again. loved to watch her land how she glided in nose held high.
I was lucky enough to work with a pilot whom could land that smooth every time. Both great memories.
gostava de voltar e ver de novo o concorde cruzar os céus.
@Armando: hope you're not trying to impress anyone here. English please:)
It would be nice to see this beautiful aircraft in the skies again. Unfortunatly manchester airport came out with a slap in the face for the team restoring it so I doubt it'll be happening anytime soon. The usual "Oh you can't do this due to health and safety concerns" nonsense of course. I just hope enough publicity gets drummed up in the UK and maybe further to get this project back on track.
okay, its been over 30 years since first flight. I think they should restart the sst projects. Today we have new technologies and techniques to make one work.
What's with this Armando guy? His post keeps changing position...
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Very interesting.
Richard Branson attempted to purchase one of the last flying Concordes from B.A. who refused to sell him one, because they did not want the humiliation of Virgin flying something which they could not! So, the very best of fortune to them, indeed...
@ Huw S. Kruger Gray: Even if Richard was able to buy a Concorde, he would not have been able to fly it for long. Airbus stopped supporting them in October 2003 and stated that they would not support any airline that may have purchased a Concorde.
I think it's time to take it out of 'MOTHBALL"! It's the right step to the right direction.
please forgive them guess people forget this site is done in 16 diffrent languages, many more countrys. All they have to do if you all really want to know what he said put it thru your translator all Windows programs XP/2000/7 ect. Please this is a multi national site.
So Armando please continue to share.
@kldfligtrrt: did you notice that Armando's psot keeps changing position? He is posting the same thing over and over again it seems. He always goes back to being the last poster. This is a little unusual. His post was 7 hours ago; therefore, should not be showing up as the most recent post. just saying
I like the Concord, but I hope not. To many reasons to list here.
I understand unusual, but I also do not think it is appropriate to knock someone because of the language they speak.I have met so many nice people around the world during work. Even though we did not share same first language we managed to comunicate.
We are a changing world and should show respect to others, If we want respect ourselves.
This is a story about a beautiful plane.
Sorry, i don't always have my PC filter with me, but maybe Armando can translate for us!? He is posting amongst comments that are ALL in English.
Das poucas vezes que aterrou no APT de Lisboa, normalmente em escala técnica, nunca tive a sorte de poder visitar o avião no seu interior. Como Oficial Técnico de Tráfego Aéreo da TAP movimentava-me pela placa e só me foi possível passar perto do avião. Era imponente e quase amedrontava mesmo aos mais habituados a estar junto de aviões. O take-off daquela máquina era espectacular.
Bien, puisque j'habite au Québec, je signalerai en français dorénavant et ne traduirai pas pour n'importe qui. En tous les mois que j'ai été un membre ici, je n'ai jamais vu n'importe qui signaler dans une langue différente.
It’s a great idea, and I for one would love to see it back in the air. But it won’t happen. The CAA will not issue a CofA for it and the “maufacturer” won’t support it. It surely needs new parts after 8 years of standing idle, and Airbus won’t release or make them. Therefore, it doesn’t matter how much funding is raised, whether it be through public donations or any other way – it isn’t going to fly.

I would love to be proved wrong, but it won’t happen. Sorry.
brunk 0
i rode on her . i would love to do it again.
The trend is for slower commercial air traffic not faster. Airlines throttle back to most efficient cruise. Shockingly it now takes longer (actual flight time) to fly coast to coast than it did in the 70s. People use webex for fast. They use human freight to get somewhere. Thats the sad economics. Even the rich really dont need to get somewhere quick... so a Gluf or VLJ works best.
Great idea! Revive a 1970s technology jet with limited seating capacity, super expensive tickets, and poor fuel efficiency. Millionares get better service and comfort on private jets - not to mention smaller private jets use secondary airports with very limited if any security - walk right in the lobby then up to the jet without removing your shoes! Concorde had its day, but I dont see those days returning.
Great squawks, but PLEASE, keep it in ENGLISH!!!!!
It is time for some brave souls (an other Orville), to change the trend.
@ George Haksch: Quel est votre problème ? C'est un emplacement international. Car le kldfligtrrt a indiqué, ne nous mettez pas vers le bas parce que nous parlons dans une langue différente. Je n'ai aucun respect pour aucun de vous, celui est pourquoi je ne traduirai pas ceci pour vous.
@ Alistair Morrison.-Igazad van, ez egy Nemzetközi (International) blog oldal.
@George Haksch: hahaha, hey, if you understood what i said, i was only kidding. In all honesty, if anyone should be showing some respect around here, it should be the 2 portugese guys here. It is pretty clear that 99.99% of the posts on the site - atleast the one i log into everyday - are all in English. So, they should be the ones to put their comments through a translator if they want anyone to respond to what they have to say. otherwise, if we all speak in different languages, how are we going to understand each other? Just my thoughts
@ Alistair Morrison.--- All is fine! 'til we pick an other subject!
Hey all I see why diffrent languages appear. go to bottom of page that lists diffrent languages and click on a language watch the whole site change to diffrent language
if you click on these diffrent languages our posts are out of place and in english. Try it. prob system glich
Das poucas vezes que aterrou no APT de Lisboa, normalmente em escala técnica, nunca tive a sorte de poder visitar o avião no seu interior. Como Oficial Técnico de Tráfego Aéreo da TAP movimentava-me pela placa e só me foi possível passar perto do avião. Era imponente e quase amedrontava mesmo aos mais habituados a estar junto de aviões. O take-off daquela máquina era espectacular.

The few times that the Concorde landed in Lisbon APT, usually in technical scale, I never had the luck to be able to visit inside the plane. As Technical Officer Air Traffic (TAP) only I could be near the plane. It was impressive and almost frightened those more accustomed to being around airplanes. The Concorde take-off was spectacular.
YC Wee 0
Indeed ambitious but not impossible. Special Charter flights may keep it going.
If they can afford the cost and government regulations ... get 'er done!
Well if it's happening i am looking forward for that ...
This is what we need for prosperous business for example! Not being able to wait 15 hours going from NY to china, we need the concord to cut the time in a third! And the fact that who wants to sit in a plane for 15 hoursLOL!!1
Just another vanity project.
It was amazing, I flew with the Concorde 3 times, always just one way.
You need quiet more fuel efficient aircrafts, not the Concorde.
Everyone who could afford the Concorde, has an aircraft or a share in an aircraft already.
Would love to see the Concorde back in the air for special/charter flights, I'm sure they could be profitable.


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