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Flight on 9/11 ends in handcuffs for housewife

Shoshana Hebshi will never forget where she was on the 10th anniversary of Sept. 11. She and two other airline passengers were handcuffed and strip-searched after flying into Detroit on Sunday. No charges were filed against Hebshi, a self-described "half-Arab, half-Jewish housewife living in suburban Ohio," or the two men sitting next to her, who were flying in from Denver when the crew of Frontier Airlines Flight 623 alerted authorities that they were reportedly behaving suspiciously. ( 기타...

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note to self: stay away from the Tex-Mex joint at the Denver Airport.
Why on earth are people flying on 9/11?!? Don't they know by now that everybody is on edge that day, and that the slightest little sneeze on a plane will get you a nightmare from the Feds?

Honestly, I'd like to say that America is better than this, but really, being of Arab descent, on a plane, on 9/11 in the US...she should've seen this coming.
she wasn't taken off a plane "simply because of my appearance." You'd think with her being a writer and editor and all that she wouldn't think that would happen. Maybe it had something to do with the 2 Indian men you were sitting with that both went to the restroom at the same time.....from the same row...for an extended amount of time.....the row that YOU were sitting on as well. This isn't racial profiling....the day this happened was 9/11 as well. Use your damn brain.
@Toby: She didn't seem to have any influence over with whom she sat. It seems that she was, indeed, assumed to have evil intentions due to the combination of the behavior of her seatmates and their physical appearances.

It's shameful. I truly hope that the people connected with raising the alarm on Sunday feel that shame for the horror and humiliation they caused three innocent people.
The Arab people want to live in our country and scream racial profiling when something like this happens. Do they have a chain tied to them to live in America. They can take one last one way flight if they don't like it, staight back to where they came from. They have no one to blame but their own countrymen.
@Michael......most of the terrorists on 9/11 were middle eastern and sitting on the same row......just saying......ashamed my arse
So when brown people get sick on an airplane we arrest and strip search them and every brown person sitting near them?
on the 10th anniversary of 9/11 when 2 from the same damn row get up at the same time and stay in the bathrooms for considerable amount of time your bet we do.
What were they going to do in the bathroom?
.....question marks.....could have been assembling a bomb or just droppin one!
Michael - don't you know that the bathroom is where the crew's box cutters are located? ;)
Seriously though, just the fact that people think terrorists would attempt at doing anything with an airplane again, is laughable. With all the security measures in place at airports, I think terrorists have won in the fact of invoking fear in travelers. They don't have to do anything else.
If they were assembling a bomb, what on earth could a cadre of law enforcement on the ground do about it? It's completely nonsensical to think that, had they the capability and the desire to detonate explosives from a passenger airplane's lavatory, the plane would have ever landed.
I have an implanted pain device in my back. 2" x 3" electronic box which is visible from my external skin and shows up on any scaning device. I have a medical card that says what the device is, the doctor's name, phone number to call to verify, ect. They still pull me out and wand me, do the entire search thing every time I fly. I don't care a bit, they are doing their job to keep everyone safe and that's fine. I am glad they are doing it. I don't want my body parts spread all over a field somewhere. It's life the way we live now because the people who study the Quran hate our guts and killed over 3000 people to make their point. I don't know why security is such a big deal to everyone, just do your part and go on. If I were on that plane and saw what was going on I would have been the first to sound the alarm. Why any Arab would fly on the 10th aniversary of 9/11 with threats already made all over the news media, heightened security alerts in place for days is beyond me. That's like walking into a bank with a gun waving it around and expecting nothing to happen! It's not profiling, it's stupidity!
@Dale: I don't envy your condition, and I won't insult you bith pity, but your story is irrelevant. It doesn't matter whether or not the response was justified (it wasn't) when it's completely illogical.

If you truly want to argue justification, then allow me to offer two posts from The Atlantic. First, a columnist's response to the actual story:

Then, his readers follow-up letters:

If you'll do me the kind favor of reading those in their entirety, you'll understand how I feel about the whole thing. I hope you take it to heart, because...

I hate the world you want.
9/11 this year happened to be on a Sunday, when most people fly home. This was clearly racial profiling and crew member drama gone amok. I feel badly for her and hope she sues for the undeserved disgrace she had to endure. Shame on Frontier for being trigger happy.
I think we can tell from the story who the real terrorists were...
@Yockey / It's not the world I want, or the world you want, but it's reality, it the world we live in now. You can sit and dream how you want it to be or you can accept the way it is and go on. You can't put the mess back in the bottle and pretend it never happend. The world your looking for and want will never be any more after 9/11. It's just like Pearl Harbor, that day changed the world. You can babble about fixing it and say it's wrong, but you wasting your time. It happend, it changed things, and you deal with it! I bet you still beleive in the tooth fairy.
The fact is...we all have the power in this sort of setting to make someone elses life a nightmare. If someone encroaches in your seat, all you have to say is, "You have a bomb where?"....then all hell breaks loose, and they're carted off for a night in prison, while you are accountable for absolutely nothing. If fact, some may even call you a hero. When in fact, the guy was just a little to close to your seat. Let freedom ring. ;)
Dale you're an ignorant man.

"It's life the way we live now because the people who study the Quran hate our guts and killed over 3000 people to make their point."

Really? How many people have the bible studying folks killed in the middle east since 9/11? C'mon.
If those three people whould have blown that plane up, or crashed it into a building on 9/11 you bunch of whiners would be the very ones on here saying "why didn't they do something", "someone on the plane should have noticed something going on". You spend you entire days babbling how someone got treated wrong. What I term as Black/White people, I say black, you're going to say white. Trying to fight everyones fight for them. Worry about yourself and leave everyone else alone for once. Bleeding heart conservitive crap!
@ Matt / Your welcome to your opinion, but don't lower yourself to name calling, it only shows your lack of knowledge and manners. You want to know how many people have been killed by bible studying people, none, that not our belief. How many have the US armed forces killed in Arab countries, as far as Alkida and Taliban, not enough.
Anyone here who believes in all of this security theater should move to China and live under the rule of a dictator. After all, you like so much to be told what you can and can't do, and you're willing to give up personal freedoms for what? Moo Cow, Moo.
You think two grown Indian men would be able to handle their Indian food better than that. An extended period of time in the bathroom is what happens when the untrained American digestive system eats Indian food. Maybe the two Indian men were acutally gay and were "punching their ticket" for the mile high club.


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