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World's Best Airlines

The annual Travel + Leisure World’s Best Awards, where readers ranked 76 airlines based on cabin comfort, in-flight service, customer service, value, and food. ( 기타...

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Yazoo 0
What a bunch of media garbage. If you look at the top 25 list you have Southwest at 25, Hawaiian at 16 and JetBlue at 7. Great for them. If you look at the Most Complained about list you have Southwest at 16, Hawaiian at 11 and JetBlue at 7. It doesn't work both ways!
I like the "Most-Complained-About Airlines". Every single one is from the US. HAHAHA
BC Hadley 0
The international list is separate, and looks like they used just raw number of complains, rather than pro rated. With regard to the list of the best, the US carriers could definitely learn something from their international competitors. Manners and treating others with respect are concepts lost on too many Americans, and the airlines are a reflection of that.
I miss flying in the 70's and 80's now that was a treat.
wouldn't exactly call Virgin america a "US based airline"... and i don't agree with alot of the other lists as well...
Surprised British Airways didn't make the cut... I've always enjoyed their service, agree strongly with Virgin being on there though!
And no mainline US carriers, how sad.
Aaaah....good 'ol American hospitality. HAHAHA.
Mark Duell 0
32 pages, really? An awful way to churn ad impressions.
preacher1 0
Does anyone not find it strange that most of the top ranked are foreign based airlines. Granted, International routes can offer more comfort but it could be that these folks still believe in treating people like human beings as well?
That's the truth, the majority of US airlines flight attendants suck! They have the ability to make peanuts and soda seem better, but they just don't seem to care. I put that majority in the same category with the TSA, powerful and useless!
J H 0
What happened to Ryanair and EasyJet - without doubt the worlds worst airlines in every category.
Maybe the American versions should take some lessons:

(Ray Stevens song)
17 and 26 eh? So there are airlines out there who don't have the "passengers are the enemy" attitude?? Gratifying.
canuck44 0
Interesting, but it looks like some of them are being squeezed as well. My daughter spent a lot of time commuting between SFO and Chennai, India to set up a factory. The best connection was on Emirates direct to DXB and onward. During the two year period she noticed a significant deterioration in service quality although it far exceeded the available service on Lufthansa.
The majority of all complaints are leveled by the those who fly the least, about problems that were self inflicted, or out of ignorance.
I flew Continental OMA-HOU-SNA today and was amazed at how well ran they are, as a United 1K my dream is that United can move up their level. Thanks Continental folks! your doing a great job....
I only hope that more than the Paint jobs, sink in to United in the future. And for those of you who want more control of your next time and stop complaining.
They're not complaining, just voicing the truth!!!
Actually Michael, The reason why all the "most complained about airlines" are from the US is because they lifted the data from the US Department of Transportation Air Travel Consumer Report. THE REPORT ONLY COVERS US CARRIERS, but you might be surprised by the number of complaints some foreign carriers not listed. Being ranked as the #16 or #15 most complained about actually means those carriers have the lowest complaint rates among airlines they tracked.
mark tufts 0
only 5 american airlines in the top 25 c'mon the rest of the us airlines get with it


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