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The most dangerous U.S. airports

Around 10 p.m. on a clear summer evening in 2006, United Airlines Flight 1015 was rolling down the runway at Chicago O’Hare, picking up speed, when the pilots saw something heart-stopping: an Atlas Air 747 cargo plane moving directly into its path. Unable to abort takeoff, the United pilot made a split-second decision to turn sharply. The planes avoided impact by a mere 120 feet. ( 기타...

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Interesting article. More for public than technical folks. Many of examples cited did not seem airport related (i.e. blowing tire) and many seemed more procedural in cause, something new taxiways and runways won't entirely correct. But it entertained me for five minutes.
Odd article, not certain what the point was. I would have thought LaGuardia would have been on the list because, well, just because.
Well, I was looking for 35 but after clicking on the link only found 22 unless I missed something. The best thing I have found so far out of all the fixes the mentioned is DFW and the taxiways going all around without crossing runways. This is pretty much in effect now. It does make for a long way around at times but considering wait times to cross, it ain't all that bad. The only other notable thing is that while it should be put in places at other airports, notably hubs, most airports don't have that kind of room. It is good that DFW did it before they got closed in by businesses or those housing developments where people live that complain about airplane noise.
Very interesting statistics: two-thirds are caused by pilot deviation from ATC. 80% from small private planes. - Why on earth would someone want to fly their little cessna or piper into ORD, SFO or LAX anyways? There's other airports around them. Besides, for that kind of airspace, you better pay attention to ATC. They got enough airliners to deal with already.
very interesting question


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