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Ryanair considers serving in-flight porn

Please tell me this is another one of O'leary's publicity stunts. ( 기타...

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I'm starting to wonder if "Michael O'Leary" is Irish for "too cheap to hire a real marketing department."
linbb 0
Why are we having two posts about the same thing would be nice to read new ones rather than this contiuing doubel post stuff.
Users sometimes post news stories that have already been posted. You can vote or comment on either and duplicates are consolidated later.
Ev Butler 0
Please say it ain't true!!
Their new slogan comes out next week. "ryanair, spirits got nothing on us"
chalet 0
I know of another publicity and attention grabber west of Atlantic Ocean which stops at nothing just to be on TV and the headlines and quite sometimes places his big foot on his even bigger mouth: The Donald Pump Trump. I wonder if the two of them have met.
canuck44 0
The next natural step is "Rent-a-Flight Attendant" in Cathay Pacific cockpits.
only if we can have a smoke after we're done.
I'm only human and have been known to make an occaisional mistake. In this case it's all my fault, I inadvertently posted it twice. My apologies for the inconvienence.
canuck44 0
No apology necessary...its like blog porn with twins.
alistairm 0
i think this guy is smoking the same wacky tabacky as the Russian flight crew.
Even worse...probably smoking some of Charlie Sheens crack....
I read about that. Just one more reason to not fly on any Russian Airline.


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